Our Story


Car Garage was established January 1st 2015, when Landon & Sherri Reimer bought the land, building, and clientele from Darcy & Brenda Funk, owners of Funk Mechanical. Business was excellent for the first 15 months, until people realized they didn’t know the new owners. It is difficult to trust someone you don’t know. During that time we had 18 quite slow months. In the fall of 2017, once the local public had learned to know and trust us, business started to pick up. Since than we have been fortunate to have steady work. In November 2018 Landon decided things had to change; he wanted to provide a better service. He attended some training hosted by the great team at Pat’s Auto Supply. That training helped him develop the vision (below) we operate on today.


Our Vision


Our vision, as a team of professionals, is to provide the highest quality service in the vehicle repair business. To do that, we must build and maintain your trust in us through honesty and integrity.  We show our honesty by always getting your approval for any repair needed and breaking that down on the invoice into terms you can understand. The last thing we want is for you to come pick up your vehicle and be shocked at the price on the invoice. We feel you need to know what you’re spending even before you bring it to our shop.

To maintain high quality service, we must continually train in all aspects of our profession. Our managers aim to spend 2 – 3 weeks a year learning how to make your experience better. Our technicians and service advisors aim to spend 80 – 100 hours a year learning the new technology so they can repair your vehicle properly the first time. All this training helps us stay up to date in today’s market. If we stay up to date, we can better maintain your vehicle for safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Our quality of service is shown by how we take care of your vehicle. We see your vehicle has a very important asset in your life, whether you use it for work or play. We know you want your vehicle to work when you go to drive it. We like to perform a comprehensive inspection annually to help us understand your vehicle’s needs. Once we can build a profile of your vehicle’s needs, we can recommend the correct repairs and maintenance, keeping your budget in mind. We recommend a multi-point inspection at each service to look for items that may need to be repaired at the next service. By knowing what needs to be repaired at the next visit, allows us to have the parts and correct amount of time to perform the repair properly and in a timely manner. A job done properly is safer and more reliable for you and your vehicle. Ask us about our vehicle management program next time you are talking to one of our professionals.